Room for rent: must love dogs
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Room for rent: must love dogs
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** Recently (Aug. 18, 2016) we have found out that the "SEND" button on this page was not working properly and we have missed some reports and messages. If your message was on of them (sent between Dec. 2015 - Aug.2016), we ask you kindly to send us again.

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We have placed a link to Wilton List on our website already.
We post our Ad on WiltonList in our facebook every once in a while.
We use our PHOTO GALLERY for our business. (Example: As a menu for restaurant or product calalog)
We display our products and services on 'WIDE SCREEN TV' for public using SLIDE SHOW service offered by WiltonList. And it doesn't cost us a penny. ) *The FREE service starts ca. Nov. 2016.
We are planning (did already) placing a print AD as a WiltonList Sponsor or Partner. We know we don't need any permission or asking.
I have an idea. (See note below!)

Thanks for your cooperation and support.
* Some of services described above might be still in development.

+ WiltonList News / What is coming?

- Launching of a new CONVERSATION app. (similar to 
Adam4adam website). The ad owner can chat or 
 have a conversation with other users or with 
 visitor. Conversations can be public (forum) or 

- The user now have an option to add a new Classifieds 
on homepage without being forwarded to "Classifieds" page.
- We accept now BitCoin Donation and very proud of it. 
That means you can send us donations to our BitCoin address. 
- We were busy working on "NEWS", "REVIEWS" section.
- "SMART CATEGORIZING" is added to AD page
to improve the quality of "showing additional" ADS 
to AD page. (It was before showing a random 
ADs on the bottom of any AD.)


- PHOTO GALLERY is extended with option creating
 a new album. Also each Album can be formatted  
 individually. For example the album MENU 
 can have a horisontal view while photos of 
 service or product can be horisontal or square. 

- We try to sort out the pageviews until today and 
try to dispaye smart on each ad page. 

- Ad owner can announce updates, special or events
 bold marked on top of Contact section. If the people
 start using it we will display the best one on 
 main page. [Log-in required]
- The users can like, dislike, vote ...
to indiviual classified in CLASSIFIEDS section.

- We started to count pageviews and announce 
top 10 listings at the beginning of every month.
 (for a few days at the beginning of each month)
- Photos in PHOTO GALLERY can be rotated or moved
to the top. 
- Some change in personal. New part time programmer 
joined our team. 

We recently added a PHOTO GALLERY option and 
the advertizer can create photo gallery and 
upload almost unlimited amount of photos. 
Photos can be also edited, sorted etc. 
Please try it for your ad and give us 
feedback about your experience.

Till JULY 2016
- "Latest Classifieds" is added to home page. 
- "Commercial Classifieds" section is temporarely
de-activated due to lack of personal to maintain it.
- Classifieds section is up and running. Temporarely
on separate webpage.
- "Commercial Classifieds" section is activated.
- "Create an Ad without sign-up" script has been 
written and added. 

- will add more later ...
Thanks. We appreciate your support.