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Manic Art Designs & Thomas Alford, Wilton Manors, FL


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Thomas Alford created Manic Art Designs specifically to be far left of the normal spectrum in typical photography. The beauty in what he sees around him is what his lens catches.

He is creatively driven. In all forms of photography and art - the unusual and hidden jewels attracts his eye. Sure - he can take a photograph of anything, but his unwavering passion for his subject must be present for the artistic vision to pop . And for that to be achieved - artistic freedom must be welcome and undisturbed.

Local Businesses: Artists wanting original prints of their work for their portfolios, Musicians wanting live shots of their shows and candid shots of fans, Shops wanting a local gathering of M.A.D shots , Mom and Pop stores selling unique local photography on shirts, posters... and more.

Are you an acting or dancing troupe wanting some M.A.D shots of your event or concert ? Thomas can promise getting the shots no one else would have even seen!

Thomas also enjoys private work for homes assisting owners with their love of local photography by adorning their rooms with unique local shots that most people would walk by unnoticed. All of this can be based on your style and décor - or simply as random as you like. Thomas also works with realtors to stage homes, condos or apartments with his one of a kind vision.

Make an appointment today, and invite some M.A.D 'ness into your space, to hear your dreams, capture your vision, feel your vibe and let him take off with his muse to bring you a clearly unique approach to how the public will see your business. Accent your walls, menu's, placemats, business cards - anything really...and from there, accessorize your gift center and build your sales with post cards, note cards, unique gifts with his timeless work as the focus. He'll bring a brand new personal approach to those tourist souvenirs and your business gets the advertising instead of the town it's in!

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